Redefine Your Channel Growth through Drop Ship Automation| Whitepaper

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 Executive Summary

According to Inc. magazine, the savviest retailers are integrating drop shipping into their digital commerce transformation to expand their online business. Despite the latest innovations in the internet industry, many brands have not yet taken advantage of selling online
effectively. Brands that are leveraging drop ship in a highly automated and scalable way are growing their e-commerce business significantly and staying ahead of the competition.

  • More than 20% of total consumer products (CP) growth during the last two years has come through the continued, rapid expansion of online sales (Retail Ecommerce Sales Worldwide, 2016-2021, eMarketer). Brands must embrace the current transformation in digital commerce in order to remain relevant and maximize their growth within existing or new retail channels.
  • Successful brands sell not only through retailers, but leverage platforms to establish brand webstores that enable selling direct to consumer (D2C). Expanding sales via retailers, marketplaces and D2C maximizes brand exposure and has become a core competency.

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