Logicbroker's powerful software provides EDI & drop ship technology that unites brands, retailers, and the systems they rely on. Harness the latest in cloud and supply chain automation technology with unrivaled speed and integration flexibility. We craft the connections that enable digital commerce.

With Logicbroker, you can...

  • Leverage our fresh approach to EDI to scale your digital commerce business. Quickly onboard new connections with a fresh approach to EDI.
  • Keep your margins with a predictable annual subscription and no transaction fees. Never pay charges per kilocharacter, percentage of revenue, or charge per order.
  • Eliminate manual data entry + improve accuracy (EDI transmits documents electronically, so the chances of re-keying errors are eliminated).

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"We had an aggressive timeline. We avoided the unknown by going with the proven Logicbroker solution and enjoyed operational support beyond the technology"
- Tommy C., Fossil