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Growing product assortment and offering more inventory online using a drop ship program has been a core competency for many successful retailers. With the ability to offer numerous virtual products that won’t crowd 3PL or warehouse, retailers can appeal to a broader range of clientele and ensure happy customers by having plenty of stock and real-time updates so they get their order faster.



  • Dedicated resource for integrating new suppliers
  • Access to thousands of suppliers in our network
  • Competitive advantage with our need for speed on execution
  • Advanced trainings on digital ecommerce, product assortments, drop ship, product set up, managing returns
  • Spotlight segment in Logicbroker’s monthly eNewsletter
  • Customized reports and analytics (i.e. ready to ship, orders complete, past due orders, track shipments)
  • Option to modernize your partners’ integration platform, should they choose to do so
  • Customized packing and shipping slips with your Logo or messaging
  • Decrease stock outs with unlimited inventory sync
  • $0 transaction fees

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Logicbroker's Connected Commerce Network™ is an exclusive vendor community. Unlock your full digital commerce potential with one master connection to integrate with the top retailers and marketplaces like Home Depot, Wayfair, and Costco Wholesale. Sell more, code less.

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