Automation-Led Drop Shipment | eBook

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 Executive Summary

Retailers must embrace the current digital commerce transformation in order to remain relevant within the industry. Otherwise, they risk losing loyal customers to competitors that are just one click away - eroding their market share.

Growing product assortment and offering more inventory online using a drop ship program has been a core competency for many successful retailers.

The underlying technology for these retailers however, is no longer a core competency. Using their own internal systems or a legacy provider has created some key challenges over the years:

  • Lagging behind the latest cloud solution in  scalability, connectivity and security
  • Limited connectivity options such as rigid EDI, XML or flat files
  • Lack of proactive monitoring tools and support engineers
  • High transaction costs and monthly support fees
  • Losing key drop ship vendors to retailer competition due to high transaction cost
  •  Lack of innovation

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